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Social Education

Spectact.Cymru believe that having information enables people to make an informed choices in their own lives. Our informal education approach creates the opportunity for the participants to identify the issues in their own lives, and we will develop social education opportunities into the sessions based on these needs. The groups identify the issues through the process of the sessions, and it is the issues that are presented in the sessions that we work with. It is never our intention to work on an identified ‘issue’ or issue based projects from the onset unless identified by the group themselves.


"We should get more chances to learn about stuff like peer pressure and stuff, it’s more important than some of the things we get taught at school."


Participant aged 18

Knowledge is power.

The Issues

Some of the issues that we have explored in the past have ranged from: Citizenship; the law and penal system to human rights; friendship, sex and relationships to drugs and alcohol; housing; unemployment to careers, employment law, unemployment to aspirations; bullying, equality and inequalities, and personal debt to wider political issues. In our experience, relationships, stereotyping, peer pressure, and conforming behaviour are mo­­­­st often the underlying issues and evoke discussions and solutions around emotional literacy. Other responses to some of these issues raised in sessions can result in specific issue based activities, ranging from group discussions, fact and information sharing, to CV writing. All of which can be linked the school PSHE and Youth Work curriculum.

We will also signpost to other agencies who can offer support if required.

“Informal education is the wise, respectful and spontaneous process of cultivating learning. It works through conversation, and the exploration and enlargement of experience.”

Geffs and Smith


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Transforming lives; promoting self-esteem, fairness and sustainability through education, community and youth work.

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